Promo Plastik, a cooperative of workers

Similar to a credit union, a cooperative of workers is a group of people that are joined together to create a company. Worker co-operatives are businesses that are owned and democratically controlled by the members.  The main purpose of a worker co-operative is to provide employment for its members through operating an enterprise that follows the Co-operative Principles and Values. When new employees join the business, after a successful probationary period they are encouraged to apply for membership. The worker co-op is, in principle, designed to provide benefits not just to the founding members but also to all future employee/members.*

Promo Plastik is one of the few canadian suppliers of promotional items to manufacture its own products. It allows us to provide quality products and fast deliveries as the members of the cooperative feel valued in their work by the sense of belonging to the company

Promo Plastik is guided by the 7 cooperative principles : Voluntary and Open Membership  exerted by members, Democratic Member ControlMember Economie Participation, Autonomy & Independence, Education, Training & Information, Cooperation among Co-operatives & finally Concern for Community. These are to cooperative guidelines by which Promo Plastik put her values into practice

*Definition from CWCF website


General Manager: Serge Kirouac
[email protected]

Customer service: Claire Ducap
[email protected]

Accounting: Mario Chouinard
[email protected]

Marketing & sales : Marie-Hélène Marier
[email protected]

Pre-production & graphic design : André Laurendeau & Mario Fortin

Production (operators): Sonia Blanchet, Manon Dumont, Monique Gaudreau, Ginette Lafrance, Nancy Thibault, Raynald Jean,

Production manager & Expedition : Michelle Anctil & Sandra Bilodeau


From top to bottom starting from the left : Serge Kirouac, Claire Ducap, André Laurendeau, Mario Chouinard, Mario Fortin, Monique Gaudreau, Nancy Thibault, Manon Dumont, Marie-Hélène Marier, Sonia Blanchet, Sandra Bilodeau & Michelle Anctil. Not present: Ginette Lafrance & Raynald Jean

Mission & Values

Promo Plastik, a worker’s cooperative, offers high quality imprint on Canadian made promotional products combined with an unique & personalized customer experience*

Our Values:

  • Teamwork
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Solidarity




Advertising Specialty Institute (#79896)

 SAGE (USA: #61276 ; CANADA: #69430)

PPPCPromotional Product Professionals of Canada (#950301)


Looking for a supplier to print on your items ?

Promo Plastik is recognized for the quality and accuracy of its printing

Our printing techniques are:

  • Digital printing
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Pad printing
  • Screen printing

We can print on (almost) anything !


Promo Plastik is committed to good environmental practices

All our products*:

  • are made in Quebec, Canada
  • are made from recycled plastic
  • can be recycled

* Except for the hockey puck, the hockey puck box and the golf tees

We use lead free inks. We also use recycled packing paper to ship your order and we recycle everything that can be recycled (solvents, plastic containers, paper, cardboard boxes, cans, toner cartridges, etc.) We use the heat of our equipment to heat the plant.

We are continually looking for new and improved eco-friendly practices. Promo Plastik is currently searching for more sustainable avenues, as products made of plastic entirely recycled and plant-based plastics eventually. The actual awareness concerning our single-use consumption of certain products can’t be only driven by individuals or businesses choices, but by manufacturers themselves. Promo Plastik want to be an active actor of this global movement.