What kind of artwork can I send?

We need .eps or .ai file format. If vectorized, we accept .pdf files.

Do you keep my art on file?

Absolutely ! We keep your artworks on file to simplify reordering as new projects using the same images.

Can I specify a PMS color for my imprint ?

We freely offer Pantone color match on white plastic items pad printed or silkscreened. Pantone color match is not available in digital imprint: Pantone colors are converted to 4 color process (CMYK) equivalents.

Can I split ship my order to multiple locations ?

Yes, we can split ship to multiple final destinations. You have to provide exact quantities & complete addresses for each destination.

Can I ship on my own shipping account ?

Absolutely, your client or your own shipping account. Specify the ZIP code the account is associated to.

What type of payment do you accept ?

We accept direct deposit, credit cards (VISA or Master Card only) & checks.

Do you require pre-payment ? When do you charge on my credit card ?

In specific cases, a deposit may be requested. For new customers, a payment is needed before delivery, by direct deposit or credit card. We charge on card the expedition day, after sending you a e-copy of the final invoice.

What are set up charges?

Set ups are included in unit price. We think it’s better to have a global price to rely on for our clients.

Will I see a proof before my order goes into production?

Yes, we always send a e-proof before production, even if it’s a repeat order.

Can I order in quantities smaller or larger than those shown ?

There is fees associated to a less than minimum quantity.
Also, you can’t order less than half the first column pricing quantity.

You can ask a quotation for a larger quantity than end column pricing.
Please send an e-mail with all the informations about the product and prints needed at [email protected]